Small Sailboats For Sale


When searching for small sailboats for sale, it is essential to look beyond just their asking price. A boat that previous owners have adequately maintained is more likely to provide reliable sailing experiences at an affordable cost over time. Discover the best info about yacht for sale by owner.

An easily car-stoppable daysailer is ideal for beginning sailors and families looking to sail together. These boats are easy to rig and maintain.

Paine 14

Considering a Paine 14 as your next sailboat may be just what you’ve been searching for when it comes to transportation or trailering ease. Easy for two people to sail together, its shallow draft, lead ballast, and NACA-foiled fin keel design allows it to be fast and maneuverable, while its wing-like rudder provides extra power without too much tiller deflection and is ideal for sailing in all weather conditions.

The Paine 14 was designed by Chuck Paine and inspired by the timeless Herreshoff 12 1/2. Crafted of cold-molded wood with modern improvements such as unstayed carbon fiber mast and NACA-foiled fin keel and rudder systems. Its shallow draft and weight make this boat suitable for weekend trailering adventures.

As part of your sailboat search process, you must find one that fits both your needs and budget. Start your search by browsing online listings or newspaper ads; visit local marinas if available; once you find something suitable, you can begin making offers.

Sailboats come in various sizes and shapes, yet most are built to fulfill a specific purpose. Some are made for ocean passages, while others are intended for coastal cruising. When selecting your sailboat, please take into account both budget and comfort, as this decision may influence its success on the water.

When advertising a small sailboat for sale, the advertisement must be placed in a prominent place so as to maximize visibility among potential buyers. You could also post it on social media platforms in order to reach more viewers.

As well as traditional advertisements, video chats are also an effective way to show potential buyers your sailboat and build trust with them faster. No matter which method you use to promote it, make sure the prices and contact information are transparent so as to draw as many potential buyers as possible and sell quickly.

Marlow-Hunter 15

This small sailboat is an excellent option for novice boaters, being both simple to rig and launch, accommodating four people comfortably, with its convenient kick-up centerboard and rudder for quick beaching. Additionally, its price is highly reasonable; in fact, you could buy an RS21 complete with sails and a built-in Torqueedo motor for under 40K — significantly less than what would cost when purchasing used regatta J70 sails that have seen better days!

Designed with novice sailors in mind, the Hunter 15 features high sides and a comfortable wide beam to give novice sailors confidence when sailing. Furthermore, its contoured self-bailing cockpit and fiberglass construction make this boat suitable as a family daysailor that can adapt to various conditions.

This lateen rig sailboat features an easy-to-sail lateen rig designed for beginners as well as experienced sailors alike. Built from rugged FRP construction that’s light yet strong and corrosion resistant, its shallow draft and sizeable main sail make it perfect for coastal cruising, while its kick-up centerboard and swing-up rudder enable smooth ride and maneuvering capabilities as well as provide smooth maneuvering capability and an uncluttered cockpit environment. Plus, it comes complete with a removable canvas cuddy for a clean cockpit!

The Norseboat 17.5 is a highly versatile small sailboat designed to meet all your sailing and rowing needs. Featuring its innovative design, which fuses modern construction with traditional aesthetics, the powerful sailing yacht is easy to operate and maintain and perfect for blue water sailing or coastal cruising – its innovative technology and advanced design make this boat a must-have for blue water sailing enthusiasts.

Hunter Marine is an American manufacturer of large keelboats, coastal cruisers, and other sailing yachts with a rich heritage dedicated to customer value. The manufacturing facilities for Hunter Marine can be found in Alachua, Florida; their commitment to innovation and design means they offer various boat models to fit each need – these include Mainship Marlow Hunter.

Montgomery 17

If you are considering purchasing a sailboat, there are a few considerations you must bear in mind before making your decision. First and foremost, inspect the condition of both the boat and sails, the engine, and any additional equipment included with the purchase price of a sailboat.

Based on your budget and desired level of sophistication, there are various small sailboats for sale. Some are suitable for use in sheltered waters, while others can take you across large distances. Selecting an appropriate sailboat for yourself can save money over time.

Another factor to keep in mind when purchasing a boat is its resale value. Since many buyers purchase sailboats to live the sailing lifestyle, they should select one with easy selling capabilities when the time comes for them to part ways with it. Furthermore, choose an easy boat to maintain and repair.

One such boat is the Montgomery 17, first built as a trailerable boat in 1973 by Lyle Hess as a pocket cruiser and daysailer, yet capable of moderate offshore passages. It features an exceptional hand-laid lapstrake fiberglass hull that’s extremely strong and durable; it is more efficient than traditional construction methods as each strake acts as a spray rail, decreasing water entering.

The Montgomery 17 is an ideal boat for anyone who enjoys an adventurous life at sea, taking you to far-off places while letting you feel the breeze on your face. Self-righting and capable of carrying food, water, and supplies for up to 100 days at sea – it is also great for novice sailors who need more expensive yachts.

Delta 19

This boat was built for long-term service. It’s well maintained, enjoyable to sail, and ready for its next adventure – perfect for fishing, diving, family fun, and easy maintenance – not to mention an incredible value at just $490.00!

This boat is an impressive combination of speed and comfort, featuring a center-cockpit sloop design with a full range of electronics. A joy to sail, she offers ample cockpit space, spacious salon space, and storage capacity – plus, she can handle various sea conditions with ease!

Her current owner has meticulously maintained her, and she is in excellent condition. Equipped with safety gear such as life jackets and fire extinguishers, as well as brand-new sails. Furthermore, this vessel boasts an impeccable interior as well.

Friendship Sloop – an original classic gaff yawl in excellent condition for its age – makes an enticing small sailboat option, providing an opportunity to own part of sailing history.

A private yacht club purchased this vessel for use in racing and training purposes. She has been professionally maintained, making sure she remains in excellent condition, given her age. Furthermore, it has proven itself over numerous races across various conditions.

Hinckley Company is known for crafting elegant and refined vessels. This model, designed by Bill Garden, features timeless aesthetics; she is substantial enough for comfortable cruising while remaining sleek enough for harbor life. Plus, this double-ender is extremely swift under sail compared to her size – making her the ideal option for racing around Bay area harbors!

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