Solo Farming in the Tower Chapter 37 Release Date and Spoilers


Solo Farming in the Tower is an exciting manga that brings action, adventure, and fantasy together with captivating storytelling and fantastic artwork.

Sejun, an ordinary young man living an everyday life, finds himself unwittingly invited into an unknown tower. Once inside, he becomes trapped and must fend for himself by farming crops and gathering resources, as well as devising his survival strategy in a secret area.


Solo Farming in the Tower is an incredible manhwa that features charming art and characters within a captivating story. It follows Sejun’s journey as he finds himself trapped inside an ominous tower and starts farming to survive – this book should not be missed! For fans of fantasy manhwa.

Solo Farming in the Tower features intricately drawn characters who play vital roles in its narrative. Although each character may seem distinct from another, all work together harmoniously to form an exquisite world. Written by master storyteller Brother Lim and illustrated by Lee Hae-kyung, who adds captivating artwork that brings it all to life – the result is one unforgettable tale.

Though living an ordinary life, Sejun is intrigued by an invitation to a mysterious tower. Hoping this will lead him on a path towards wealth, Sejun races there right away only to find himself trapped inside with only himself and a handful of seeds for survival – thanks to Theo, who helps keep Sejun sane.

Chapter 36 of Solo Farming In The Tower will bring an exhilarating new addition to this series. Unexpected shifts in its environment and new layers of intrigue are sure to excite fans, leaving no one wanting more!

Though each character in this manhwa is quite distinct, they all share one characteristic in common: their love for food! This commonality makes the story appealing to its audience, even in its seemingly odd world setting with its bizarre ending that will delight readers.

Solo Farming in the Tower employs flashbacks as a powerful narrative technique that enables readers to comprehend each chapter’s context and significance, drawing viewers in close to its characters while making for an engaging viewing experience in any genre.

Solo Farming in the Tower can be found on Line Webtoon and Naver Series, though English translations may take time to become available. Please keep in mind that it was initially published in Korean; translations may take effect more gradually.


Solo Farming in the Tower has quickly become one of Naver’s bestselling manga titles, captivating readers with its compelling plot and adorable characters. Zerath becomes increasingly intrigued with Theo as his past is unearthed – heightening tension further and keeping readers on the edge of their seats!

Solo Farming in the Tower’s latest chapter is now available to fans to read and takes an unexpected turn when Sejun finds himself in an unpredictable predicament – switching up from boss battle to quest mode in an eye-opening move that keeps readers hooked to see what else may lie ahead! These unexpected twists and turns keep audiences engaged with this narrative and eager to find out what else awaits them next.

Chapter 36 of Solo Farming in the Tower will be released for online reading on official platforms such as Line Webtoon and Naver Series on November 16, 2023. However, access is restricted; complete access can only be gained with premium subscriptions, while selected chapters may be made available for free reading.

Sejun has found himself in an impossible situation that will test his courage. If he wants the minotaurs to survive, he must teach them farming techniques he has acquired over time – a task that proves more challenging than expected while exposing weaknesses that leave him even more exposed and uncovered.

As the story progresses, more secrets about Theo and Sejun emerge as more mysteries unfold within their tower. Their intriguing relationships will captivate readers from start to finish; Theo’s mysterious personality stands out in particular. Their interactions with each other are mesmerizing; you’ll especially love watching how their connection develops over time; their humorous exchanges keep readers laughing throughout their adventure; also inspiring is seeing their interactions with other characters that help add depth and skillfulness to this book’s author’s skill in crafting it all.

Release date

Solo Farming In The Tower has won readers worldwide with its captivating plot and eye-catching artwork. Its talented creators have weaved an exciting tale that seamlessly combines action, adventure, and fantasy elements – genuinely making this manga an international phenomenon that continues to gain steam with each new chapter!

In the upcoming chapter, Sejun finds himself in an imperative situation – he must find food amid a conflict between red bears and minotaurs. Realizing he must provide minotaurs with farming skills in order to avert disaster, Sejun finds himself taking on more than just his survival role; consequently, the tower’s backdrop morphs from a boss battle scenario into an unexpected quest orchestrated by Sejun’s innovative suggestions from the gate guardians in response.

Fans eagerly anticipate Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 22, eager to witness Sejun’s culinary ambitions, tower mysteries, and evolving relationships among characters. Additionally, Theo’s involvement in police investigations promises to unveil more profound layers of the plot.

The series can be found across various platforms, such as Naver Webtoon, KakaoPage, Tappytoon, and Tapas – each offering easy and free access to chapters of the series. Furthermore, many different languages are supported, so it’s accessible to a broader audience.

The novel has attracted widespread acclaim due to its unique combination of stunning artwork, captivating plotline, and thrilling action. As one of the most-read Korean manhwa on Naver Webtoon and across various international markets, its popularity is unparalleled. BoA boasts over 10,000 chapters that are continuously being updated with fresh content – this series deserves to be checked out by any manga fan, particularly critics and fans alike; critics praise its characters while its art is breathtaking – making BoA an essential read. Furthermore, its author ensured a balance between action and drama elements within the comic story arc.

Anime adaptation

Solo Farming in the Tower is an adventure manga about Sejun, an expert farmer with ambitious plans to expand his farming operation to other towers. His close companion Theo aids him in finding parcels of land; additionally, his unique ability to recruit non-human creatures as helpers gives him an edge over other farmers.

The manga has been turned into an anime series that will air sometime around 2023. Expect 12 episodes featuring stunning art and compelling characters, as well as plenty of action and drama, to keep viewers hooked and make this an engaging watch!

Beyond Sejun’s battles against various monsters, this series contains other captivating scenes. One chapter depicts Sejun being surrounded by rabbits and cats; plus, there are moments of intrigue, gratitude, and reflection that add depth to its narrative.

This manga blends genres like action, adventure, and fantasy for an engaging reading experience. Packed with exciting action scenes, heart-pounding adventures, and menacing settings, it is sure to capture readers from start to finish!

Sejun remains determined to overcome his many trials, using his knowledge of farming to adapt to his new surroundings and devise a survival plan. Throughout the series, Sejun comes to appreciate life and appreciates the friendships with fellow dungeon farmers he has formed.

Solo Farming In The Tower stands out from other Korean manhwa in that it can be read worldwide through online platforms like Naver Webtoon and Line Webtoon. Full access can be gained with premium subscriptions, while specific chapters are also made accessible to read. Importantly, subscribers should remember that this manga is updated on a daily basis, so they should check regularly for updates!