Solo Max Level Newbie Manga Review


Solo Max Level Newbie is an action-packed manhwa available both in English and raw versions, featuring the adventures of a gaming Nutuber who witnesses the closure of an iconic online game and struggles to survive while immersed in its virtual universe.

This manga follows in the tradition of other action series with overpowered protagonists and intense fighting scenes, so here are a few titles you should check out:

1. The Second Coming of Gluttony

Solo Leveling may be just the proper adventure manga series for you if you enjoy potent protagonists with overpowered abilities. Jihoo Seol was given another chance at life after dying on an otherworldly battlefield, but all he remembers from past lives are fragments, along with magical abilities that provide unearned luck. As he strives to become an expert in his craft, he faces numerous challenges that test his limits.

The story unfolds in the style of a shonen manga with intense combat sequences and beautiful artwork, featuring unique characters with diverse settings and personalities – perfect for fans of fantasy and adventure manga! Tapas publishes new chapters each week.

Even with its flaws, this story remains popular with readers, and an anime adaptation is currently being developed. It is a must-read for fans of the genre and has been recognized with several award nominations.

If you enjoyed Solo Leveling, other manga might suit your interests. Some share similar characteristics with its series, like powerful protagonists and high-paced action sequences, while others feature worlds with robust power systems.

Leviathan, which follows Bota Ma, an ambitious two-star harpoonist with dreams of becoming a six-star legend, provides another great option. This story involves battles against sea monsters and corrupt officials while facing harsh and hostile conditions – providing fans of Solo Leveling an engaging tale, epic fights, and a unique art style, which make this an excellent pick!

2. Infinite Level Up In Murim

This manga takes place in the Murim League, where characters have every opportunity to achieve anything their heart desires. One character had low body characteristics that threatened his chances of standing out at the peak of the league, so to make his life worthwhile, he vowed to work tirelessly for ten years until he eventually got another chance.

He finds himself reincarnated into another world where level systems serve as the primary way to gain strength. Starting as an unimportant soldier, he strives to become one of the strongest martial arts masters in all of Kingdom X. Along his journey; he meets both new friends and foes who will aid or hinder him on his quest.

Although not an overly long manga, Infinite Level Up in Murim is definitely worth reading and should be kept an eye on for future developments. The storyline is captivating, and the artwork is impressive. Plus, it offers something truly original! This manhwa holds great potential and should be watched out for.

3. Tower of Trials

Tower of Trials, a top-rated manga series, is famed for its riveting plot and action-packed scenes. Fans eagerly anticipate its next Chapter 127, to find out what awaits them there:

Jinhyuk, an online multiplayer video gamer who completed all 118 floors within 90 days in Tower of Trials, finds himself struggling financially as his popularity wanes and it becomes harder and harder for him to make a living as a gaming Nutuber. When the Tower of Trials appears in real life with a warning that humanity will perish unless all floors are cleared away, Jinhyuk decides to use his skill and knowledge against their foe.

The Temptest Trial is a particular mode of play that is unlocked once players reach Chapter 11. Here, your party must navigate a series of back-to-back combat encounters that become increasingly challenging and complex as each meeting progresses; rewards vary based on difficulty level for every round completed and completed successfully by your character.

The latest chapter in the series begins with a mum girl accusing Jinhyuk of intruding on their stronghold, but his superior strength allows him to trounce her. Unfortunately, however, things take an unpleasant turn as forces from Murim target Teresa’s enigmatic powers, hinting at a potential corrupt turn for her character and promising significant developments down the road.

4. Tower Of Trials 2

Tower of Trials in Octopath Traveler 2 offers one of the most riveting and engaging side stories, as well as unlocking the Conjurer Advanced Job. To start this side story, visit Ku in Hinoeuma Continent Southwestern District after having completed Hikari’s Chapter 5 story to visit Ku’s Five-Tiered Tower and start this side quest.

Jinhyuk was the sole person to witness the end of the virtual world game Tower of Trials before its popularity declined, and it became difficult for him to make a living as a content creator – on the verge of quitting altogether – until it suddenly appeared accurate and warned humanity would perish unless all players cleared every floor within 90 days. Jinhyuk, who knew the game best, took upon himself the responsibility of showing everyone how a real pro played it.

Jinhyuk’s unparalleled knowledge of gaming and his unyielding determination to reach the pinnacle of the Tower of Trials will be put through their paces by formidable opponents, skillful adversaries, and clandestine organizations with hidden agendas. Experience this heart-pounding manga as you witness one of gaming history conquer the virtual realm of the Tower of Trials while uncovering an engaging tale that’s sure to keep you at the edge of your seat!

5. Tower Of Trials 3

After finishing a challenging VR game in which players need to scale a tower, MC was shocked to see it appear in real life with a warning that humanity will perish unless people clear it within 90 days. He decided to take up this challenge seriously.

The Tower of Trials side story is part of the Octopath Traveler 2 experience and must be unlocked after finishing Chapter 5. Unlike most side stories, however, the Tower of Trials boasts its own unique narrative and gameplay experience.

The story opens with a young gamer with lots of money who desires to level quickly in his quest to become a high-level solo player. Unfortunately for him, however, his path is littered with obstacles that must be overcome if he wants to achieve his goal. Unfortunately for him, too, his presence attracts players worldwide who wish either to join or kill him depending on their actions in-game.