TAHDCO Loan Apply Online 2023 in Tamil Nadu


TAHDCO provides financial assistance for income-generating activities, home construction, and land development schemes in needy communities in Tamil Nadu. Furthermore, its efforts help improve the social upliftment of Adi Dravidar communities within this state.

To qualify for loan subsidies from TAHDCO, SHGs must first have been credit-rated and received either revolving funds or direct linkage credit from banks and be recognized by the Mahalir Thittam scheme in their district.

TAHDCO Loan Subsidy

TAHDCO, or Tamil Nadu Adi Dravidar Housing and Development Corporation, provides loans, grants, subsidies, training programs, entrepreneurship support services, and financial inclusion initiatives that help Adi Dravidar community members achieve economic prosperity in Tamil Nadu state. Furthermore, this corporation strives to address socio-economic disparities by encouraging economic development projects as well as construction activities in its service area.

Apply for a TAHDCO land loan subsidy to purchase a plot of land at reduced costs; 30% of project cost or Rs 2.25 lakh, whichever is lesser; the loan must be repaid within 20 years and should not be used for any other purpose; applicants must belong to Adi Dravidar community with annual family income less than Rs 1 lakh;

TAHDCO operates numerous schemes designed to uplift Adi Dravidar communities. From training opportunities for its members and employment to scholarships for students needing financial aid so they can pursue their dream of becoming doctors or engineers, TAHDCO also undertakes construction projects specifically targeted towards this population.

In order to be eligible for a TAHDCO loan, applicants must fulfill certain conditions. They must first be members of an Adi Dravidar Self-Help Group, possess a valid government-issued identity card, pass Plus Two exams with good marks, and be members of Adi Dravidar Self-Help Groups.

Another requirement for receiving a loan from TAHDCO is that applicants should not have previously taken out such financing; experience in their trade and citizenship of Tamil Nadu state are all essential requirements.

The TAHDCO loan subsidy works by pairing bank loans with financial assistance from the corporation. Part of EDP and SEPY schemes for entrepreneurs, this funding source offers individuals looking to start small businesses the means of doing so. Pushpakaran from Moolapalayam has used his Rs 1.05-lakh loan, including its Rs 45,000 subsidy component, to begin his sofa-making venture successfully.

TAHDCO Land Loan Subsidy

TAHDCO Land Loan Subsidy (TLLS) is one of many schemes funded through special central assistance (SCA). This scheme gives Scheduled Caste women the chance to acquire land for agricultural cultivation or commercial use through loans that receive SCA funds, with benefits including leasing options so beneficiaries may reap the economic advantages of owning property. All beneficiaries must adhere to all legal requirements, rules, and regulations related to land usage.

The government has initiated several measures to enhance the socio-economic standing of Scheduled Caste and tribal communities, including creating a vertical garden scheme offering 75% subsidies on total project costs. Applicants for this scheme can submit applications online; to be eligible, they must belong to one of these communities and must be between the ages of 18 and 65 with an annual family income less than Rs 2 lakh and not own any land under their names.

TAHDCO operates a construction division that works on projects like residential schools for tribal students, community halls, quarters for teachers, and toilets. Furthermore, this organization funds entrepreneurship development for members of Scheduled Caste and Tribal communities while having the authority to offer skills training programs for its members.

For this scheme to apply, an applicant must be part of a Self Help Group registered with TAHDCO that exclusively comprises Scheduled Caste members. Once approved by the District Manager of TAHDCO, their application is forwarded to their bank branch manager for review before funds can be released directly to their SHG.

TAHDCO offers poor families a fantastic opportunity to afford their dreams of owning a home or starting their own business. Anyone considering applying should first research whether they qualify; those not eligible should consider alternative financial assistance options like MUDRA or Standup India loan applications as an option.

TAHDCO Entrepreneur Development Program

The TAHDCO Entrepreneur Development Program (EDP) aims to equip Adi Dravidars with the entrepreneurial skills required for starting businesses. It offers services such as business planning, market research, loans, and financial assistance – as well as entrepreneurship training programs covering topics like financing product design manufacturing. Overall, its purpose is to foster self-employment within Tamil Nadu Adi Dravidar communities.

The EDP is implemented by TAHDCO, an organization dedicated to bettering the lives of the Adi Dravidar community in Tamil Nadu. Established as a non-profit corporation under the Companies Act in 1974, TAHDCO receives funding for its operations from both state government and central government. A vital part of Tamil Nadu’s economy, its efforts help strengthen their quality of life while contributing to overall economic success in Tamil Nadu.

TAHDCO works to provide housing, financial assistance, infrastructure development, and skill training services for economically marginalized sections of society, as an essential player in socio-economic development and empowerment of citizens to reach their full potential. Established more than four decades ago in Tamil Nadu state, this scheme remains a major social welfare program today.

One of the best ways to boost the economic status of any community is through entrepreneurship, and the TAHDCO scheme provides an effective means of encouraging entrepreneurialism and supporting economic self-reliance for Tamil Nadu Adi Dravidar population members. Furthermore, it acts as an equalizer between rich and poor.

TAHDCO EDP eligibility requires candidates between the ages of 18 and 65, with an annual family income of less than Rs 1 lakh, who wish to start income-generating activities such as shops, tailoring, or petrol/diesel/gas outlets. It offers financial assistance for entrepreneurs seeking to start their ventures – an excellent way for Tamil Nadu Adi Dravidars to become entrepreneurs while building wealth. TAHDCO will assist these candidates by providing the initial capital needed to kick-start their businesses as well as continuing support in their endeavors.

TAHDCO Self Employment Program

TAHDCO Self Employment Program offers assistance to Scheduled Caste and Tribe members looking to launch their businesses. In addition, financial assistance programs, including loan subsidies and training opportunities, are also provided in an attempt to enhance income-earning capabilities within communities and promote economic self-reliance. Furthermore, building and economic development activities, including land purchase schemes, are undertaken.

TAHDCO (Tamil Nadu Adi Dravidar Housing and Development Corporation) is a government agency that serves as an umbrella body to oversee the socio-economic development of India’s Adi Dravidar community in Tamil Nadu state. This organization operates two wings: the Research Branch and the Construction Wing. Construction builds schools, hostels, dormitories, faculty accommodations, tribal boarding schools, and other facilities, while Research conducts scientific research as well as developing products tailored specifically for Adi Dravidar members of society.

TAHDCO’s Self Employment Program assists Scheduled Caste and Tribe individuals in realizing their career goals through vocational and business skills training while encouraging education and entrepreneurship among community members, which in turn can increase income-generating opportunities. Furthermore, funds and resources are made available for people to establish businesses such as retail stores, tailoring shops, and petrol/diesel/gas outlets.

In order to be considered for the TAHDCO Self Employment Program, applicants must meet several criteria. They include:

An eligible applicant must be 18-65 years old and belong to the Adi Dravidar community, with family income below Rs 1 lakh. They cannot own any agricultural land and previously benefitted from TAHDCO loan subsidy schemes; they must reside within Tamil Nadu and possess valid ID proof.

TAHDCO Land Loan Subsidy Program was created to assist members of the Adi Dravidar community in purchasing land for housing and economic activities, building houses, and developing necessary infrastructure. Applicants may also take advantage of the state government Home Loan Scheme, which offers reduced interest rates – just another benefit provided by TAHDCO to its members.