Tesla Solar Roof Cost 2020


Tesla solar roofs are elegant and attractive additions to any home. When combined with Powerwall energy storage systems, they can even provide energy even during an outage.

Installing a Tesla Solar Roof begins with conducting a home energy assessment to understand both your home’s power needs and design complexities.


Tesla Solar Roofs are an innovative new type of roofing that converts sunlight into energy, looking similar to traditional shingles but explicitly designed for use with a Powerwall battery that stores any surplus energy generated by solar tiles and provides backup power during an outage. You could save up to 50% on your electricity costs.

However, Tesla solar roofs can be costly. While the company offers discounted versions to try to get into more homes quickly, the waiting list for installation times can still be long, and orders are backlogged as a result of overwhelming demand.

As well as covering the costs associated with installing an actual roof, additional expenses such as Powerwall installations could add up to an extra $10,000 or so to your total. Pricing varies based on house size and the amount of energy required to run it; some companies provide discounted packages for Solar Roofs, which include both costs.

If you’re considering installing a Tesla solar roof, take into account potential tax credits or rebates that might apply. A 30% federal tax credit could be used, and some states offer additional incentives; it would be wise to consult a tax professional prior to beginning installation in order to ascertain precisely which credits may apply and receive.

To estimate the cost of a Tesla solar roof, its online calculator offers an easy solution. This tool will generate an accurate, personalized estimate that takes into account factors like energy generation capabilities, tile costs, and any required Powerwall batteries (if applicable). However, keep in mind that these prices listed on their website may only represent pre-incentive options; please speak with an installer in person about the final pricing for your home.


Tesla Solar Roofs look similar to traditional roofing shingles yet convert sunlight into energy. They can be installed on new construction homes or replace an existing one, saving homeowners money with lower utility bills while qualifying for federal and state tax credits; furthermore, according to Zillow research, a home with solar roofing sold 4.1% more quickly.

Solar roofing may not be suitable for everyone; installation costs can be steep, mainly when adding on an entirely new roof. You will also incur expenses related to battery installation (up to an estimated $10,000 or more), plus cleaning needs must be performed regularly on solar shingles to keep them operating at total efficiency.

If you’re replacing your roof, the process can cost anywhere between $20k and $30k for single-story homes. Once that is completed, Tesla Solar Roof installation must also be paid for before further expenses, such as adding Powerwall batteries, could add 11k cost.

Tesla Solar Roof offers many advantages, but it’s essential to carefully weigh them against potential drawbacks before making a decision. Tesla is notoriously poor customer service – canceling preorders or changing contracts after signing them can be highly stressful for homeowners.

Solar roofs can be an effective way to save money and cut emissions, but they’re not suitable for every homeowner. To find out if the Tesla Solar Roof is right for you, speak with a local contractor who can help find you financing options while also determining whether your house is suitable.

Tesla Solar Roofs offer more durability and efficiency than solar panels because they integrate directly with your roof, eliminating any separate mounting systems for them to attach to. Plus, these roofs come with both a 25-year product warranty and a 20-year module warranty – adding value up to 4%! Visually appealing options like Tesla Roofs add aesthetic value, too – increasing home values up to 4 percent more quickly.


Investing in a Tesla Solar Roof requires understanding its installation process and costs, both during setup and long-term ownership. You must purchase both components together – the Solar Roof itself as well as the Powerwall battery – with costs likely reaching an excessive total. Thankfully, however, the federal solar investment tax credit offers relief against some expenses associated with solar roof systems.

Installation begins with a home energy assessment conducted by Tesla experts who will visit and take precise measurements of your roof before designing a custom solution tailored specifically to you. After agreeing on a price, an agreement will be signed and scheduled for installation. Typically, this takes five to seven business days.

You will also need to pay for a permit if your city requires one; costs vary by municipality; however, Tesla can help expedite this process and utility approval on your behalf. Finally, choosing an optimal site for your solar system installation is critical; different states and cities offer differing levels of solar potential.

Installing a Tesla solar roof can be expensive. Expect to spend around $34,000, including materials and labor. This cost exceeds that of traditional asphalt shingle or metal roofing options; therefore, unless replacing an old or damaged shingle roof or building new home construction is involved, Tesla solar roofing probably isn’t worth its additional cost.

With Tesla Solar Roof’s customization features and depending on your electricity usage, you could reduce or even eliminate your utility bill with ease. This is particularly beneficial in areas with higher electricity rates – though savings only amount to a fraction of its overall price.

Although Tesla Solar Roof has had its share of ups and downs, it remains a cutting-edge product with the potential to change roof technology in years to come. If reducing carbon emissions is something you’re interested in doing, this option might be worth exploring further; just be sure to weigh all the advantages and disadvantages before making a decision.


Tesla’s solar roofs are designed to collect and store sunlight energy for use within homes. Once reserved, this electricity powers household activities. While the Tesla solar roof may cost more than traditional shingles, its higher energy savings make up for its higher price tag. Plus, its tiles look just like conventional roof shingles; no eyesores!

To determine the price of a Tesla solar roof, it’s wise to speak with an experienced roofing contractor or solar installer. They will take into account various aspects such as the complexity of the roof structure, square footage of roof area, and number of Tesla tiles you require – as well as climate conditions in which you reside.

Tesla solar roof tiles provide an alternative to conventional solar panels by being easily installed on both existing roofs and new construction sites – perfect for homes moving to a new location or creating their dream house! Plus, their stylish appearance makes them suitable for most homes!

The Tesla solar roof is a comprehensive system comprised of tempered glass solar tiles, power electronics, and an all-inclusive contract for financing and maintenance. With a 25-year power performance warranty backed by 10-year warranties on Powerwall batteries and inverters – designed to outlive regular roofs by over twice their lifespan!

A Tesla Solar Roof will not only reduce energy costs but also add value to your home, making the investment worthwhile. A solar roof could pay for itself within ten years; however, they’re not cheap upgrades, and it might be more economical to purchase an entirely new roof instead.

Apart from the initial cost of installing a Tesla Solar Roof, additional expenses may arise during its

process. You may require other electrical upgrades in order to accommodate solar shingles – these expenses could add up more than their upfront price tag! Luckily, however, you may qualify for a 30% federal tax credit to offset some of these additional expenses.