The Best Walk Up Songs of All Time


Chase d’Arnaud uses this track as his walk-up song, making for an exciting entrance and getting fans ready to watch the game! Featuring a catchy beat and lyrics about player strength, it will surely get fans amped for action and prepared for what lies ahead!

AC/DC’s song about strength and toughness is the ideal walk-up music for players looking to build confidence with their fans or intimidate their opponent’s team.

Lose Yourself by Eminem

Eminem’s Lose Yourself is one of the most potent rap songs ever composed and has been used as walk-up music by players, including Chase Utley and Jose Reyes, as they get into their zone with confidence and focus. This intense beat and inspirational lyrics allow them to get into their game confidently and focused.

Queen’s classic rock track Another One Bites the Dust is another popular option, boasting plenty of rocking stomps to excite players and audiences alike. Additionally, this song conveys a sense of raw edginess, which many baseball players find inspiring.

Eye of the Tiger from Survivor has long been used as a walk-up song by baseball players as an inspirational pregame tune. This track captures the spirit of fighting and winning that players need to prepare themselves for battle on game day.

Some players use humorous walk-up songs to excite their crowd and opponents for battle. New York Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard uses “O Fortuna” by Carly Simon as his walk-up music; its powerful lyrics and history-based theme make it a fitting choice.

All Of The Lights by Commodores

The Commodores have written many unforgettable songs over the years, and this song by them is no different. Boasting a fantastic beat and catchy chorus that is guaranteed to get any crowd moving, its lyrics speak directly to baseball players about their glory days in the game and are ideal as walk-up anthems – no wonder so many players use this tune as walkup music before going onto play games!

Jump by Van Halen is another powerful walk-up anthem, perfect for stirring up an audience before each at-bat and for players looking to make a bold and memorable entrance onto the field.

This song makes an ideal walk-up song for baseball players as it gives them the energy they need to hit hard and fast. Not only are its infectious beat and catchy lyrics surefire ways of motivating players, but its catchiness inspires young baseballers to play their best game and show their fans they are ready to battle hard for victory.

Brick House by Commodores

Commodores’ Brick House is a beautiful track that exudes composed energy for anyone seeking classics. Though it doesn’t contain as much angst as Eminem’s Lose Yourself, this track shows everyone you are part of the game and prepared to take down adversaries. Additionally, pitcher Chipper Jones used it during his 19 years with the Atlanta Braves.

There are also plenty of great walk-up songs like Daddy Yankee’s Can’t Be Touched, and Aloe Blacc’s The Man; both are popular choices among baseball players who want something simple yet stimulating on their way up to bat.

Classic songs like Iron Man from Black Sabbath or Led Zeppelin’s Whole Lotta Love will buzz your fans, providing the ideal atmosphere. Both tracks make you stand straight and confidently swagger into the batter’s box. Although these may not boast harsh basslines like more rock tracks might, these tunes will get them in the zone quickly. They won’t fail you when trying to leave an unforgettable impression on your fans.

Song 2 by Blur

Country music is often a practical choice for walk-up songs as its upbeat beat can energize crowds. Alan Jackson’s “Chattahoochee” is an outstanding country walk-up song that can get fans on board to cheer for players. “Centuries,” from Fall Out Boy’s Centuries, is another memorable track and tells the tale of leaving an artistic impression – which many baseball players strive to do as well! Thus, it makes sense that this track would serve as the walk-up song.

Lose Yourself by Eminem has long been a favorite walk-up song for baseball players, thanks to its captivating beat that gets audiences moving. Chase Utley and Jose Reyes have used it as their walk-up song; its emotional undercurrent gives players confidence before big plays are made.

The 1982 classic from Survivor, “Eye of the Tiger,” is another excellent walk-up song for baseball players, as its theme of fighting and not giving up resonates well with many baseball players. Its catchy beat can energize audiences and motivate players alike, and its lyrics inspire you to give your best performance every game day!

Young Money’s Trophies

Drake and Nicki Minaj make guest appearances on this 2013 compilation, but it is evident that they have long outgrown Young Money’s pedestrian rings. Their contributions, on songs like “Trophies” and the aggressive dance trap “Hittin’ Like,” read more like charity than music, while Lil Twist and Lil Chuckee remain unknown figures on Young Money. However, their appearance on “Trophies” and the self-explanatory “Trophies” show the potential they remain far below in comparison to Drake or Minaj.

Cory Gunz makes a charming guest spot on “Senile,” while Shannell and Chanel West Coast (who you may recognize from Rob Dyrdek’s MTV show appearance) deliver an energetic teen pop hit called “Girl I Got You” that feels new. At the end of the day, though, this compilation accepts that the Young Money roster is too limited to support an extended-release project.

Rotten To The Bone by Young Money

Quavo and Takeoff collaborate with YoungBoy Never Broke Again on this song to showcase their luxurious lifestyle, boasting custom beads, designer clothing, expensive cars, and other lavish possessions, such as custom earrings. Additionally, this track highlights their love for one another and their desire to lavish her with gifts as much as possible.

Not only is this song a fantastic walk-up music, but it also showcases the talents of Lil Cuckee, Tyga, Gudda Gudda Mack Maine, and Nicki Minaj of Young Money Crew (YMCMB) Collective as they serve as lead single for Only Built For Infinity Links (2022) album which you should add to your playlist immediately!

Remember The Name by Bruce Springsteen

This popular song’s name speaks volumes; its catchy melody and energetic tempo provide the perfect atmosphere to energize players before taking to the field, while its lively beat prepares audiences for action.

This song’s lyrics emphasize not giving up no matter the challenge – an ideal message for baseball players! Listening to it before going out on the field and giving your all may provide the extra energy boost you need for maximum performance.

This song encapsulates the attitude that allows one to let go and not care what others think, making it ideal for a baseball player looking to gain confidence before their next game. With its catchy beat and lyrics, audiences will cheer in support when you hit the ball – keeping their attention throughout your performance! Using music ensures they remain with you from start to finish!