The Business Is Closed Because of the Tyrantical Fathers – Chapter 1 Online


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Tyrannical fathers/devouring mothers represent one aspect of the Parent archetype’s shadow aspect, where narcissistic parents dominate and consume their children psychologically. They create slaves who fear asserting themselves or becoming independent – often punished for doing so – with this system also permitting narcissistic parents to indulge their poor decisions or their destructive whims further down a spiral toward degeneration.


Dillon and Evan continue their conversation about Dr. Jordan B Peterson’s first book, “Maps of Meaning.” They focus on fathers as critical factors in raising tyrannical men, often their sons. These men can become further emboldened when surrounded by drones (people who indulge in unnecessary desires). One way to stop this cycle is to understand each person’s perspective – even those that seem wrong deserve our empathy, as maybe they’re trying to survive themselves.