The Kris Blade Butterfly Knife


Wholesale butterfly knives are top-rated among knife collectors and enthusiasts due to their ease of concealment and potential self-defense applications. Though these blades require practice to master, wholesale butterfly knives offer many benefits when shopping wholesale for personal defense or general-purpose uses. Read the Best info about kris blade butterfly knife.

Benchmade produces some of the top butterfly knives for flipping, including Gladius and Angel styles with CNC-milled channel titanium handles and 440c blades.

Double-edged balisongs

Double-edged balisongs are ideal for beginner users as they’re easy to use and versatile enough for various purposes. Furthermore, there’s an assortment of blade materials and sizes available – most common among them being steel, but other options, including wood, zinc alloy, or nickel-silver, are also commonly found – some with double-edged blades while others only have one edge; both have single or double edges allowing for practical self-defense with their wavy shapes capable of inflicting severe internal stab wounds effectively allowing severe internal wounds for self-defense purposes.

A traditional balisong knife features a latch that secures its blade when closed; this is located on its “bite” handle – this being its non-sharpened edge – located at its “bite.” Additionally, there is a pivot joint connected to its pivot pin, which rotates with both handles; as time progresses, however, this pin may become deformed due to repeated opening and closing cycles, making a quality balisong with a reliable locking system even more critical for use.

Learning aerial tricks using a balisong can be effective, but practicing with a trainer first is preferable to avoid injuries and reduce cuts from specific manipulations. Furthermore, a trainer gives you more of an understanding of how to control catches and rotations for more complex tricks.

Atropos Kris

Kris is an ex-Glitterati spy with an antisocial, secretive attitude. However, her Nifeton blood gives her incredible charisma that allows her to charm out of difficult situations with ease. Additionally, she possesses powerful magic that she uses to deceive enemies; one such illusion is her wearing her “Kris blade,” which features the symbolism of a fallen dragon on it for protection and is said to possess magical properties.

Kris first encountered the Knights of Nadir during Moore Bay events, where she assisted them in fleeing Balktan and being rescued by Gustav Theldirk (an ex-Glitterati member), whom she quickly befriended; their friendship led them both to aid one another’s efforts against Jacques Nifeton’s plans; this included killing Solaris Nifeton while witnessing Tephra’s betrayal.

A kris (also spelled keris) is an asymmetrical dagger from Indonesia with an intricate history and culture, both personal and religious. Used both as weapons and spiritual objects, its mythology and culture have grown exponentially over time; warriors use it for war or devotional use and ceremonial dress accessories or even social status signaling purposes.

The Kris blade stands out as being truly unique, featuring multiple curved cutting edges that resemble flames or sword waves. This design offers increased cutting power than straight blades while permitting more intricate blade shapes. Furthermore, Kris can serve both cutting and prying purposes – giving it more versatility than a standard butterfly knife!


Gladius was a short Roman sword used for both cutting and thrusting, featuring a double-edged diamond-shaped blade around 19-20 inches long, attached by means of a Ferro (usually made of wrought iron, but pattern welded examples have also been discovered). The gladius had its origins as part of the Gladius chainmail set worn on Roman warriors; its purpose was both cutting and thrusting. It featured components including a handle known as palpate or tenacity and a guard that typically featured spherical guard guards; while blade attachment was accomplished using ferro (usually made from wrought iron), the blade was attached by means of ferro (traditionally made of pattern-welded pieces of iron; pattern welding examples exist).

Gladius weapons were employed in numerous combat situations, from acrobatic shows and one-on-one fights between professional athletes to ambush attacks and guerilla warfare. With their precision points and deadly performance capabilities, gladius weapons could inflict severe wounds against their enemies while providing ambush attacks a formidable advantage over direct engagements.

Collectors appreciate Kris blades because of their complex profile, which requires intricate skill to produce. Collectors search out and purchase these knives at considerable expense, seeking those with exceptional median ridges that follow undulations in the edges to create exceptionally smooth edge transitions ideal for balisong flipping.

Sam Eddleman has designed a Kris blade butterfly knife featuring a satin titanium handle encasing purple/black FatCarbon seamlessly inlaid on each side and an interleaved phosphorous bronze washer for increased strength and smooth action. Additionally, its pivot point can pivot smoothly for effortless flipping tricks.


The kris is an asymmetrical dagger from Indonesia with distinctive markings that make it stand out. This dagger serves multiple functions – as a weapon, a symbol of heroism, and a religious tool; in addition to providing self-defense training through its finger ring that prevents hands from slipping out of the handle and reduces the risk of self-injury – a precious feature for hunters or military personnel operating in dense jungle environments.

Sam Eddleman employs phosphorous bronze washers to achieve smooth action when crafting his knife, which allows him to flip its blade without incurring damage or losing balance. As a result, Sam created an extremely durable and lightweight balisong, with its 440c stainless steel Kris blade bearing razor sharp teeth on one side while blunt on the other and its satin titanium handle incorporating purple/black FatCarbon seamlessly inlaid.

The Knife Angel sculpture is an outstanding symbol of both forgiveness and grief, providing people a chance to return knives with harmful intent or assist victims of knife crimes. Additionally, this monument serves to increase awareness about their effects while working toward stopping further incidents from taking place.

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