The Top 8 Desired Amenities for a Rental Property in Bangalore

Selecting the wrong home can completely change your life. When you enter into a rental agreement, there are several things to consider and look for. The rental agreement has a defined contract period and includes several legal complications.

Thus, it is only ideal to evaluate every property before calling it your home. Several things take up to call an apartment home. Have a look at this checklist and consider these eight things before finalizing a flat for rent in Bangalore.

Location of the Property

It is necessary to carefully check out the location to understand the crowd in the vicinity. Since you can completely change your life by shifting to a rental property, choosing your surrounding neighborhood is ideal.

For instance, if you shift to a place that is not safe, you might be in constant worry about yourself and your loved ones. Even though localities like Bangalore are highly safe, it is best to do a thorough check before renting a place.

Budget Planning 

It is important to understand that your rental property must fit well within your budget. In addition, you must also consider that you are to pay the rental amount every month, irrespective of your financial condition. To top it off, you must also consider the extra charges you might incur, such as electricity bills and gas bills, while staying in the property.

You should create a property checklist of your financial responsibilities and your monthly expenditure before deciding on a budget for your rental property. On average, 1 BHK rental flats in Bangalore cost around INR 9,000 per month, while the cost for a 2 bhk rental house in Bangalore ranges between INR 12,700 to INR 50,000.

It is also important to note that the budget for a furnished home, a semi-furnished home, and an unfurnished home will vary. Therefore, if you are planning on renting a semi-furnished home, you must also estimate the amount that goes into putting in the furniture for your home.


Furnishing plays a significant role in deciding the budget and ease of access. If you are planning to shift to Bangalore, carrying all your furniture or buying new furniture might be a little tedious.

Shifting to a furnished or semi-furnished house can help you save a lot of valuable time. If you are flexible with your budget, you can also look for furnished rental properties with the latest types of equipment and infrastructure.


In most complexes in Bangalore, several amenities are offered to the residents. For instance, one can easily find clubhouses, gyms, swimming pools, playgrounds, etc., within society.

This helps save time to travel to access these amenities. However, you must still check whether or not tenants are permitted to use these facilities since many complexes have different rules and regulations. This is why it is essential that you check out the best site for rental homes in Bangalore to compare the amenities and make your decision.


Bangalore’s lifestyle is one of its major attractions. It provides everything you could want. Pubs and cafés in areas like Vittal Mallya Road, Lavelle Road, Indiranagar, etc., may be great for those looking for a memorable evening out. The city has a lot to offer to ensure you have a good time with your loved ones.

Moreover, the metro projects and broad highways developed for convenient mobility only add to the advantages of Bangalore’s infrastructure. Because of all the fun things to do in Bangalore, such as the water parks, coffee shops, go-karting, etc., it is no wonder that so many young people are looking at it as a potential real estate investment.


When you are planning to shift your family to Bangalore, you must equally consider the security measures in and around the property you are considering. Since most people are either studying or working these days, you can’t be at home at all times.

Thus, it is essential for you to look for properties in societies that have a very efficient security system. The presence of CCTV cameras and strong security are some factors that you must check for while considering a property.

Age of the Property

When you’re looking for rental properties, always ask the property owner how old the property is. This is because new buildings are constructed using the latest infrastructure and building materials and are architecturally well-defined. Moreover, they also demand low when it comes to repair and maintenance charges.

On the other hand, even though older properties are comparatively affordable, they frequently experience various problems like wear and tear. For instance, water seepage is a common problem in old buildings during the monsoon season. In some cases, this problem can greatly affect the property’s structure and lead to various other problems.


If you are planning to shift with your family, you must also consider the distance from your property to various nearby conveniences. These amenities include the nearest school, grocery shop, hospital, etc.

Moreover, you also need to focus on the lifestyle the locality offers you. You can check out the nearby area’s parks, entertainment centers, cinemas, and malls. Once you shift to your new home, commuting daily might become hectic in Bangalore. It is only ideal for checking out everything in the nearby areas.

Thus, if you are planning on living your life Bangalore-style, you must check out the distance to the local street food shops and pubs while searching online for “homes for rent near me.


A rental home contributes greatly to your life in the future. When you rent with platforms like Nestaway, you can avail of many offers. These offers make renting easier with a 0% interest rate. Here you only need to pay the security deposit, which you do not have to worry about as it is easily refunded within 1-7 days once you vacate your accommodation. You can also refer and earn 1000 with referrals.

Thus, you must carefully evaluate all the above parameters before finalizing the rental property and signing the deal. Once you are all set and finalize your property, you must be able to lead a happy and wealthy life in Bangalore. Therefore, book your flat for rent in Bangalore now.

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