Top 5 Online Games For PC

Online gaming is a relaxing pastime that can help relieve stress while strengthening concentration skills. You can either play solo or with others – or both! Read the Best info about LOLBeans.

World of Tanks is a free-to-play game featuring 20th-century armored vehicles from different periods. This eSports-ready title also offers various monetization options, such as loot boxes and battle passes, to keep players playing for years!

Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0

Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 brings its popular free-to-play battle royale experience to a new level. The latest version boasts several intriguing features, such as AI enemies that appear in Strongholds and an innovative Gulag system where downed players fight for the right to respawn; additionally, it features a much larger map with tighter chokepoints as well as new water-fighting abilities.

This game is currently available on PS4, PC, and Xbox Series X/S consoles, with native versions. These native versions provide improved performance and resolution; however, as per developer confirmation, any progression will not carry over into newer versions. Additionally, all gun and operator skins must be earned again.


Rise as an unstoppable warrior and join your friends in this free-to-play action game! Confront warring factions across an interplanetary system while expanding your arsenal of Warframes, weapons, and equipment.

Jumping, sprinting, and aim-gliding provide numerous movement options to keep the action brisk and fast-paced, while in-game matchmaking ensures missions never lag behind schedule.

Warframe stands out from most service games by its gradual releases of updates that don’t overwhelm newcomers with up-front requirements (unlike Destiny 2’s massive Duviri Paradox). This allows new ideas to emerge without forcing players into years-long lore binges.

Hunt: Shodown

Hunt: Showdown stands out as an unusual online shooter, mixing elements from survival horror with competitive multiplayer to deliver visceral thrills in spades.

Players spawn in a 1km square Louisiana swampland area equipped with weapons dating back to 1892. Each player receives a bounty in the form of an unspeakably vicious monster; those who manage to take down one are given their reward while simultaneously becoming targets for all remaining Hunters on the map.

Since every clank of chain and heavy footfall allows your opponent to hear you approaching, stealth is often the most effective strategy until gunfights break out.

Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov is an intense first-person shooter that will keep you on the edge of your seat with each match. The realistic graphics in this first-person shooter emphasize realism over other features.

So a high-end processor and GPU are necessary if you want the whole game experience. Review its system requirements on its official website to find out if your PC can meet its demands for this particular game.

Some players may experience stuttering or lag when playing Escape from Tarkov due to its extensive system-demanding settings; however, you can adjust them and improve performance without compromising the gameplay experience.

Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege combines the tactical shooter gameplay and the Tom Clancy series for an immersive experience. You will take on the role of an operator and participate in 5v5 matches as either attackers or defenders.

As you progress in the game, its scope expands accordingly – rewarding successful play with additional equipment, maps, and operators. Plus, offline scenario exercises help hone your skills further!

This game boasts expansive maps spanning various sizes, designs, locations, and times of day. Destructible environments add another level of strategic depth, with walls and floors being broken apart with ballistics or crushed by sledgehammers for additional variations of tactics.

Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves is an intriguing dichotomy that embodies our online gaming zeitgeist while defying it. Players fight ruthlessly for rewards stolen from one another while participating in wild online parties with tankard-filling party drinks and accordion music playing in the background.

The game’s ocean map is expansive and covered with islands crafted to perfection; each set boasts intricately detailed set pieces, such as caves where water laps against rocks or hammocks nestled among reeds, creating an immersive sense of place.

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