Top 5 UK Department Stores


Royal Food Service is a family-owned, $200 million fresh food distributor located in the Southeast that prides itself on family and community values. Through their Greener Fields Together program, Royal also supports economic development locally.

Customers have given this grocery store four and a half stars out of five. Their services include in-store shopping and accepting credit cards.

Fortnum & Mason

Fortnum and Mason is a department store on Piccadilly that offers luxury goods. Established as a grocery shop by the East India Company in 1707, its popularity with rail and air travelers led it to include fashion products and specialty items.

Fortnum and Mason offer their legendary afternoon tea for two people starting from PS78 per person, and you can select traditional or savory versions as well as one of four tea options served on fine turquoise china with finger sandwiches to complete the experience.

This store is known for offering luxurious teas that delight their customers and was the first place to suggest Heinz Baked Beans. Additionally, an impressive 82 tea varieties are available at this location, and dedicated ‘tests’ are available to assist customers.


Carluccio’s is a UK deli and restaurant chain offering authentic Italian delicacies at their locations nationwide and an online store where customers can browse or reserve tables. Carluccio chose FluidOne connectivity solutions as part of their business infrastructure to support their scalable, reliable network connectivity needs.

Carluccio’s at Home range will include six ready meals – Beef and Chianti Lasagne, Roasted Mushroom Tagliatelle, and 12-inch pizzas – as well as three fresh pasta variants: Raviolo, Mezzelune Girasoli with two stir-in sauce options each featuring 100% recyclable packaging with removable card trays that can be separated from their film liners for 100% recyclability.

Carluccio’s has been serving exquisitely authentic Italian food for over two decades. Established by Antonio and Priscilla, they sought to bring great-tasting regional Italian ingredients from across Italy directly into London through Neal Street restaurant, where Antonio wrote each label by hand and explored all corners of Italy for the finest products.


Partridges have held onto their Royal Warrant since 1994 and are well known for offering luxurious festive hampers and refined foods, own label products, hosting the Duke of York Square Fine Food Market, and growing export business for their label products.

The partridge is a game bird of the pheasant family and is closely related to the quail. They can be found worldwide in many habitats, including forests, grasslands, and rocky plains; often seen forming coveys, though short-legged, they can dash when startled or burst into flight quickly if startled by another animal.

Partridges opened their first Saturday market on Duke of York Square to increase footfall, featuring numerous stalls offering various products and space for local producers and start-up businesses called Startisans. It provides an ideal opportunity for discovering new foods while meeting those behind it!


Waitrose is a grocery store chain specializing in luxurious and premium products. Their selection is sure to meet every consumer’s needs, and they offer many services designed to make shopping effortless for their customers.

The company boasts an outstanding track record in providing quality products and customer service and receiving numerous accolades for them worldwide. Their wines have won multiple awards while their focus remains firmly on sustainability – they work closely with organizations such as Compassion in World Farming to prioritize animal welfare as part of this approach.

Waitrose has many innovations, such as its automated warehouse and self-service checkouts. Furthermore, their business model incorporates profit sharing for staff, which increases worker loyalty and efficiency – this unique approach to retail has proven highly successful for Waitrose. They also offer organic foods and sushi.

Paxton & Whitfield

Paxton & Whitfield is one of the UK’s oldest cheesemongers, with its leading shop on Jermyn Street in London since 1850, and holds a Royal Warrant of Appointment since Queen Victoria’s reign. They aim to support and showcase artisan cheesemakers while upholding traditional and farmhouse production methods.

This company provides an impressive variety of products, such as cheese, crackers, and biscuits made especially for cheese, specialty crackers and biscuits, cheesecake, pate, chutney, and pickles – not to mention gift boxes and hampers!

GPMD also provides experiences, including cheese tastings online and offline; during their third lockdown, they enabled product bundle sales, which increased significantly; these bundles also created their best-selling cheese-tasting gift card, which has proven popular post-pandemic. Furthermore, GPMD enabled Stripe and PayPal integration into their checkout to streamline payments while simultaneously decreasing payment fees – significantly decreasing costs per payment transaction for their clients.


Since opening its doors in 1909, Selfridges has had a lasting impact on how we shop. Led by Harry Gordon Selfridge – widely considered the “Father of Modern Department Store”- they revolutionised the shopping experience by using windows to promote products while drawing crowds with stunning displays.

Selfridges is known for welcoming everyone. The store offered translation services, foreign payment options, and tax-free shopping.

Selfridges has built lasting relationships with its brand partners, encouraging them to be creative while also sourcing merchandise reserved for flagship stores. The result has been an engaging customer journey that marries economic benefits with a genuine sense of discovery, drawing 16 million visitors annually! In an industry struggling with declining luxury sales, Selfridges remains one of the premier destinations.