Topg88 Live Streaming 18+ With Funs

Topg88 Live Streaming 18+ With Funs – More and more live video streaming apps are present in this country. Apart from BIGO Live, there is also Topg88. The concept is no different, both are events to become stars and show off their respective talents. With Topg88, you can broadcast live anytime anywhere. Content can be set to suit several settings, such as a live stream while shopping, out and about, or at a party. But you can also interact by sending texts or gifts.

Now about interaction, you can even get money. The proof, according to Topg88’s press release, is Jessica. One of the hosts at Topg88, who was previously just an ordinary student, can now earn IDR 10 million per month. From where? Most, explained Topg88, were from virtual gifts sent by their fans. The virtual gift can be exchanged for money directly from the application. Besides that, Jessica can also increase the number of her followers and get paid for endorsements.

According to the Topg88 press release sent to PC plus, the primary income for hosts is virtual gifts. So they have to show their best performance to create exciting content that makes Topg88 Live Streaming 18+With Fun for the fans to give gifts. A host can also make money from this application by inviting his friends to join this application.

Topg88 Live Streaming 18+ With Funs

Indonesia should be proud of this application because the Topg88 application is one of the first streaming applications released, and of course, it’s an Indonesian product. The Topg88 18+ Live Streaming With Fun application was created to provide entertainment to the public through videos. This app doesn’t only focus on watching activities, but you can also act as a broadcaster.

By live streaming content that you find interesting and can provide benefits to the audience. This application is committed to providing space for the public to express their talents in becoming a streamer. Over time, this application continues to experience development and adjustments. With the current conditions, this is done with the aim that people will be more interested in watching every video displayed on this application.

Latest Features of the Latest Topg88 Mod APK

The original version of Topg88 and Topg88 Mod APK. But several things make the mod version much more desirable than the original version. Several features can only be found in the mod version. Therefore people prefer the mod version of this application. For those who want maximum fun, it is highly recommended to download Topg88 Mod APK.

You can enjoy all the premium features available in the original application without spending money. Therefore you will not regret when using it. Most people use the mod version instead of the original version because, in some parts, this game is tough and requires in-app purchases. By using the mod, you can play this game easily. For those of you who still don’t understand the advantages of using Topg88 Mod APK, here are some of the benefits of the mod version.

Unlock All Features

If you can only use a few features in the original application, it’s different from the mod version where all the parts can be used. You can now enjoy features that should be unlocked by paying 100% free. This, helps you, considering that in the original version, there are rooms that can only be opened if you pay some money. Using the room, you will get a password that functions to open all VIP rooms previously locked.

No Ads

Of course, it’s very dull when opening an application, and suddenly a clan appears. Likewise, in the Topg88 application, you need to download the mod version to get maximum comfort. In this version, you have to relax and watch everything.

Unlimited Money

When you want to unlock premium features in the Topg88 application, you need some money. You won’t be able to unlock other parts if you don’t have this virtual money. But there is no need to worry because Topg88 Mod APK is the answer. By using the mod version, you can have large amounts of virtual money. Later, you can use the money to buy every item in this application.

Wider Coverage

The following advantage when you using the mod version is a wider range of videos. Yes, the video that you have shared is very likely to be watched by many people so this will give you pleasure.

Free to Upload Videos

This application allows users to capture every moment through a video. But please note that there are several conditions that you must meet if you want to upload videos in this application.

Chance to See Cool Streamers

If you download the original version, the number of videos and streamers is very limited. It’s different from the mod version where there are lots of video choices and course cool hosts. Of course, this is the main attraction.

There is a Private Chat Room

If you admire people who provide cool content that you have seen, you have the opportunity to chat directly with the streamer. This is of course very useful for those of you who want to know a lot of information about the world of content.

Become a Free VIP Member

One of the advantages of the mod version of the Topg88 application is the opportunity to become a VIP member for free. VIP members can only be obtained if you have purchased several premium features. But with the mod application, you can easily become a VIP member and establish more intense communication with other VIP members. This is certainly fun and gives you a space to explore the Topg88 application.

Unlimited Uploads

By using Topg88 Live Streaming, you can easily upload anything related to your daily life. So if you are one of those who exist, it is highly recommended to download this application. Of course, every content that you upload must have many benefits for the audience. For example, content related to Indonesia, such as traditional food, music, dance, etc.

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