Watermelon Smash Cake


An adorable way to honor your baby’s first birthday, watermelon smash cakes make an easy summer dessert that can be prepared in only a few steps.

Divide the batter among three pans and color one of them green while leaving two uncolored. Bake at 350o F for 35-40 minutes before checking on them again.


Watermelon smash cakes can be an enjoyable and memorable way to commemorate your baby’s first birthday celebrations. Easy and fast to prepare, these colorful treats provide plenty of photo opps while making for great photo opps for parents! Additionally, these cute cakes make an excellent alternative to cupcakes, which may be difficult for young hands to manage and require less icing, which makes these edible works of art safe for consumption by babies without risk of choking hazards!

Before beginning to make your cake, gather all your supplies together in one large bowl of frosting. Separate a third of the batter and color it green; add several drops of pink food color to the remaining batter and mix. Next, pour each cake batter into separate cake pans for baking as directed; once relaxed, frost each cake and stack them on top of one another for easy assembly!

To create the “seeds,” roll out some black fondant on a silicone mat and dust it with cornstarch to prevent sticking. Cut 18-24 circles from this fondant using either a circle cutter or piping tip and set aside as seeds for use on top of your cake. With any leftover light pink buttercream, fill a piping bag and pipe horizontal lines over the cake’s surface for added dimension and create an illusion of “melon seeds”.

Add some slices of fresh fruit as a garnish to finish off your cake and make it extra appealing to guests. It is optional, but adding this touch can really set off any celebration, such as the 4th of July or Memorial Day festivities. This dessert would also make a fantastic dessert choice!

For an unforgettable first birthday cake experience, add decorations that fit the party theme, such as number one candles or an adorable melon topper that ties in perfectly. Party stores or online sellers offer these decorations that can help add the finishing touch.

Other decorations suitable for a first birthday celebration include paper straws in the shape of a melon, special water bottles filled with bubbles tied with ribbon, and jars filled with sweet treats such as candy-coated popcorn, gummy bears, and marshmallows shaped like melons. You can find all these items at local party stores or order custom party in a box from Party At Your Door, which is delivered right to your home!


There are numerous delicious recipes for smash cakes. While some use frosting, others dress up fruit slices into cakes that resemble them. Some include cake mix and frosting decorations like sprinkles or fondant flowers for extra decoration purposes. Others are made entirely with whole food ingredients without cake or frosting at all; these might be ideal options for kids allergic to dairy, eggs, or other standard components found in traditional cakes.

Watermelon smash cakes offer a delightful summer twist to traditional smash cakes, making an attractive show stopper from an entire watermelon. To create one, start by cleaning and drying a large watermelon before cutting away its top and bottom sections to form a round cylinder reminiscent of tall layer cake shapes. To complete this “cake,” stand it upright on a cutting board before starting to remove the dark green rind around its perimeter until a cylinder-like structure emerges resembling that of tall layer cakes!

Once your watermelon-shaped “cake” is complete, prepare the buttercream frosting. In a stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment of your stand mixer, beat butter until light and fluffy before gradually adding powdered sugar until well mixed in and vanilla and watermelon candy oil are added – winning an additional two minutes will ensure no air bubbles form in your frosting!

Your finished cake should reflect your baby’s age and interests. Decorate it with fresh fruit, berries, slivered almonds, or coconut for decoration; use small cookie cutters to cut animal-shaped melon giraffes and watermelons as decorations!

This delicious and nutritious treat makes an ideal first birthday dessert for your child! Not only is it approved by pediatric dietitians, but also naturally gluten- and egg-free for those with food allergies! With such healthy benefits as being both delicious and satisfying for sweet tooths alike – you won’t want this family recipe to go to waste!


Watermelons make an adorable smash cake to commemorate the baby’s first birthday party or any holiday or event, from Independence Day or Memorial Day to any special occasions like Mother’s Day and more! They can even be decorated in patriotic colors for added flair – they even taste delicious! Frosting colors can be added or left white for a more elegant presentation!

An integral step in crafting an edible watermelon cake is trimming and shaping it so it will stand up straight on any serving platter or plate you use for it. While cutting away the rind may be necessary, ensure that its thickness doesn’t create a choking hazard at its base by using a large chef knife to carefully slice off any visible seeds before carefully slicing away.

Once the watermelon slices have been chilled, they should be covered with a thin layer of buttercream to keep them moist and prevent them from becoming dry and brittle in the refrigerator for long. While you could prepare and store this icing beforehand in the fridge, it’s best to leave it at room temperature until ready for icing the cake.

After your icing is ready, place it into a piping bag fitted with a small tip or corner cut off so as to create realistic-looking watermelon seeds on top. Additionally, any decorations must not pose any danger of choking young eaters who consume this cake.

One way to add color and visual interest to a cake is to separate one-third and color it green, then the remaining two-thirds with pink food coloring. Once made, these cakes can then be stacked one on top of another!


Watermelon smash cake is an easy and delicious summer dessert to make, guaranteed to bring joy at your next barbecue or pool party. Perfect as an impromptu snack or as part of a summer birthday celebration. Additionally, this lovely treat makes an adorable presentation at baby’s first birthday celebrations!

Making homemade stabilized whipped cream is vital to this delicious cake and provides it with a longer shelf life and shape retention than regular whipped cream. All it requires is adding some gelatin into cold whipping cream for stabilization purposes.

Once your stabilized whipped cream has set, it is time to decorate your cake! Any decorations will do, although I find edible flowers and fresh berries look particularly appealing. Also, try mixing in different hues so your creation stands out more vibrantly from its neighbors!

I love how the pink berries add an eye-catching splash of color to this smash cake and pair perfectly with its mint leaves and toasted coconut flavors. To complete its delightful summer theme, I added an adorable red bicycle as a topper that matches both colors and flavors in the whipped cream layers as well as the cake layers.

Before serving the cake to your guests, it should be thoroughly cooled off. Otherwise, the whipped cream could start melting, which may not be appropriate for infants to consume at such high temperatures. Furthermore, you need to ensure all the layers have wholly chilled down before attempting to layer them up together.

Make the buttercream the day before and refrigerate it overnight to allow its flavors to combine and deepen, then make and store lime curd in the fridge overnight so it comes to room temperature before whipping it again. Before serving your cake, pat each watermelon slice dry with paper towels in order to remove any extra moisture before topping each with frosting or topping it off with toppings or fruit slices.