Webcam – Yellowstone National Park


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This webcam, situated atop Mount Washburn, offers live footage of the park’s landscape. Watch Old Faithful erupt while keeping tabs on other goings-on in and around Upper Geyser Basin.

Mount Washburn

Mount Washburn is one of Yellowstone’s most acclaimed day hikes, boasting an enjoyable trail, spectacular views, and an observatory tower at its summit. Plus, hiking the route up will give hikers an excellent opportunity to spot bighorn sheep and wildflowers along the way!

This trail begins in the Dunraven Pass parking area and traverses high-elevation forests on a rocky path that climbs steadily upward. While not necessarily challenging, its views along the way are stunning – and you can take full advantage of them and the interpretive exhibits inside its base during its ascent to its summit.

Mount Washburn stands as the highest point in Yellowstone’s volcanic caldera and boasts stunning panoramas from its 10,243-foot summit, offering unparalleled vistas. Additionally, this site was the location of one of history’s most significant eruptions more than 600,000 years ago – one that could change history forever!

When visiting Yellowstone during the spring and summer months, Mount Washburn Trail becomes an incredible feast of wildflowers! Bison, elk, and bighorn sheep can often be seen roaming this remote trail that borders a bear management area – an experience not to be missed!

Be sure to wear appropriate footwear and bring bear spray when hiking near grizzly bear habitat. For more information about minimizing the risks of bear encounters, visit the park’s Minimizing the Dangers of Bear Encounter web page.

Old Faithful Geyser

Old Faithful is one of the world’s most iconic geological features and is a must-see when visiting Yellowstone National Park. Erupting with hot water and steam at regular intervals, Old Faithful sprays up to 140 feet into the air each time it erupts from beneath its base, fueled by underground heat, pressure, and water sources. Each eruption typically lasts 2-6 minutes in duration before subsiding back underground again.

Old Faithful is still impressive to witness and remains reliable since its discovery during the 1870 Washburn expedition. Each year, it attracts over one million visitors who marvel at its majestic eruption.

As well as Old Faithful’s main viewing area, there are a number of hydrothermal features located nearby in the Upper Geyser Basin. Trails link Old Faithful with other basins, including Grand Prismatic Spring, while giving access to other geysers and mudpots such as Black Sand Basin, Biscuit Basin and Daisy Geyser Loop.

Old Faithful’s eruption typically begins with a period known as ‘replay,’ during which splashing and jets of water build to their full power before an explosive eruption begins with a high column of water lasting 20-30 seconds before slowly diminishing into lower height.

At an eruption, rangers and camera operators will record the duration of an explosion to predict when its next outbreak may happen. A “short” discharge lasts no more than three minutes, while any longer-lasting one should be classified as “long.”

Upper Geyser Basin

Yellowstone boasts a stunning variety of thermal features, and the Upper Geyser Basin is home to its most active geysers. Here, visitors can witness over 150 geysers erupting simultaneously – it is not unusual for Old Faithful or other more significant eruptions to make an appearance here, while smaller geysers often form unexpectedly behind Old Faithful!

Although most visitors come here for Old Faithful, other sites within this basin should also be explored. Castle, Grand, and Daisy geysers are popular draws here, while Geyser Hill boasts breathtaking pools and jets to take in as well.

Other noteworthy geysers include the short-lived yet captivating Sponge Geyser, known for its bumpy exterior made of sinter. When its eruptions occur, they shoot water 1 to 2 feet into the air for around one minute before passing onto Grand Geyser, the tallest geyser on Earth – another spectacle to enjoy!

Walking along the Fountain Paint Pot Trail is an enjoyable way to see all that Upper Geyser Basin has to offer. Not a challenging or long hike, this trail allows visitors to witness such landmarks as Fountain Paint Pot, Boiling River Hot Spring, and Chromatic Pool – plus many others!

Black Sand Basin is another must-visit site of the Upper Geyser Basin. Here, a walking path leads visitors past colorful pools and the majestic Cliff Geyser. Additionally, visitors will discover other attractions, such as Sapphire Pool’s breathtaking blue hue, which connects it to Chromatic Pool through underground channels; also, consider taking an Observation Point Loop trip, which provides stunning panoramic views of Upper Geyser Basin; this 4.9-mile circuit with little elevation change is often completed within 3 to 5 hours depending on how long one gazes at Geysers!

Visitor Education Center

Island Park, Idaho, may offer the perfect place for outdoor enthusiasts looking for lodging. Surrounded by Targhee National Forest and Henry’s Fork of the Snake River, Island Park provides ample opportunity for mountain biking, horseback riding, fly fishing, cross-country skiing, and snowmobiling activities.

This Isle Royale webcam captures a southeastern view from Mount Ojibway, one of the highest peaks on the island. This view displays Lake Superior with Caribou Island at the left, Middle Islands in the center, and Moskey Basin to its right – along with Middle Islands Passage, which leads from Lake Superior into Rock Harbor Channel for large vessels navigating into and out of Rock Harbor Channel.

Yellowstone National Park unveiled a $21 million Visitor Education Center at Old Faithful Geyser in 2010 to replace its previous visitors center, providing ample information about Yellowstone thermal features through an exhibit hall with multiple video monitors highlighting notable thermal features, plus interactive games and fun in a Kids’ Area and Learning Lounge for guests to use.