Wedding Cake Above Ground Pool Step


Wedding cake above-ground pool steps can make entering your swimming pool safer and more accessible, however, they must be weighted to prevent them from floating away. There are various methods for doing this, including using baskets filled with sand or rocks as weights.

Super strong injection molded ABS construction won’t flex or buckle like blow-molded steps, holding over 500 lbs. The ventilated step surface allows chemicals to circulate more freely for reduced algae build-up. Assembly is easy; mount to your deck or pool surface using included hardware & brackets – plus this 2-year warranty covers it all!

Sturdy Construction

The sturdy construction of this wedding cake above-ground pool step makes it an excellent addition to an above-ground swimming pool. Equipped with a central aluminum handrail and deck flange for stability in the water, as well as front-loading ballast to secure it there, the step is easily installed and used both as an entry/exit point into or exit point from your pool; unlike ladders, it provides safer entry/exit into water for both children and adults alike.

The Wedding Cake Pool Step features an innovative design to make entering and exiting your pool easier. Constructed of slip-resistant polyethylene for long-term durability against heavy use and harmful UV rays from sunlight, the step also comes equipped with an easy grab handle so it can be grabbed onto while walking up or down its efforts.

This pool step comes complete with a two-year warranty for any above-ground pool installation, boasting its super strong injection molded ABS construction that won’t contract or buckle like blow-molded steps and holds up to 500 lbs. With perforated non-skid step surfaces for safety footing and its well-ventilated design that reduces algae build-up, as well as its 4-ft x 5-ft liner pad to help minimize chafing between it and pool liners, this step offers exceptional value at any pool owner or installer alike!

The Wedding Cake Pool Step is an excellent solution for above-ground pools that require large numbers of swimmers at once. Assembling it is very straightforward, and it fits most pools with flat bottoms; mounting to either pool decks or walls via included hardware and brackets ensures secure installation. Furthermore, when used in combination with a ladder or floating chlorine generator, it can help control how much algae accumulates behind steps.

Easy to Assemble

Installing pool steps in an above-ground pool can make life simpler for guests of all ages when entering and exiting the water. They’re easy to put together quickly, too – assemble them quickly! There are various styles of steps available, such as stainless steel ladders or A-frame ladders; choose your ideal color from online stores or your local pool store!

Start assembling your wedding cake above ground pool step by first attaching the side rails to each leg of the frame, using screws or bolts that are tight and level. Next, the front rail should be secured using corrosion-proof fasteners such as screws and bolts to keep corrosion at bay. Treads can then be installed onto each step, ensuring proper ladder spacing between tracks as you assemble each step.

Once treads have been installed, a liner pad should be used to avoid chafing between the step and the pool liner. Once complete, you can add the last step to the deck with hardware and brackets attached before filling it with play sand for additional stability – available from home improvement stores or online.

Filling pool steps with sand requires using the correct amount. Too much will result in unstable and potentially hazardous actions. Weighting your actions with barbell weights may help ensure they don’t float when there is too much water in your pool;

To ensure the safety of your guests, it’s a good idea to install handrails at each step. These can be constructed of aluminum or stainless steel. Some people even add floating chlorinators as a preventative measure against algae growth.

Easy to Clean

This redesigned step offers many advantages that make entering and exiting your pool safer and simpler than ever before. Its excellent blue color and sophisticated design add an elegant touch, while the perforated surface allows chemicals to circulate more freely, thereby reducing algae growth. In addition, its steps offer excellent traction as well as being simple to maintain and clean.

This above-ground pool step is an ideal upgrade for existing above-ground swimming pools. Featuring a distinctive “wedding cake” shape that adapts perfectly to any type of pool, and with slip-resistant wide surface and handrails for safety features and handrails. Capable of supporting 500 pounds – making it the sturdiest option available; easy assembly is included, including all necessary hardware. Plus, it is backed with a 2-year warranty!

Confer has you covered for stylish yet durable above-ground pool steps that won’t wear out quickly: this step from their Confer collection. Crafted from slip-resistant polyethylene for extra safety against heavy use and the sun’s damaging rays, it is easy to maintain, keeps its beautiful blue finish matching perfectly with any pool liner, and comes ready to install onto any deck – including wood decks!

This above-ground pool step comes as an easy DIY kit ready to install in your backyard, with clear instructions and an assembly time of just a few hours. In addition, an optional cover can protect it from harsh elements.

Poolmaster makes another superb above-ground pool step: this round step that can be mounted to any deck and designed to work for pools up to 54 inches deep. Easy assembly requires just minimal tools with its snap-together interlocking pieces and liner pad included, plus there are hardware brackets included for installation.

Though this model can be used as a deck-mounted step, for optimal use, it should be weighted with 40 pounds of sand or anchor weights to prevent its actions from floating away from their positions and increase safety for children who use them. Doing this will prevent algae growth behind the steps, making their use even safer than usual.


A wedding cake pool step can make a welcome addition to any above-ground swimming pool, offering safe and simple entry/exit from the water for swimmers. The unique design features wide steps with wide angles to ease entry and exit safely while their slip-resistant polyethylene construction endures heavy use as well as UV rays from sunlight exposure. Their sturdy handles and graceful curves also add aesthetic value.

These steps are easy and quick to assemble and designed for pools up to 54″ deep. Perfect for both above-ground and in-ground use, the steps come complete with a 4’x 5′ liner pad to reduce any friction between the steps and your pool liner; perforated non-skid steps provide excellent traction safety, while their well-ventilated design enables chemicals to circulate more freely to help avoid algae buildup.

Wedding cake steps differ from other pool stairs by being constructed of durable plastic that can be used year-round and are easy to maintain and clean, coming complete with a two-year warranty – making them an excellent choice whether adding steps to an existing pool or building one from scratch.

While these steps are extremely durable, they do come with some drawbacks. For instance, they can be pretty heavy and could float if not properly weighted down. To overcome this issue, place buoyant items like pool toys under your steps in order to stop them from floating. Or you could add weight, such as sand, to keep the measures in place.

One issue with these steps is their susceptibility to rust in humid conditions. To reduce this risk, store and clean them regularly in an airy location away from direct sunlight and ventilated areas; otherwise, metal parts of the steps could corrode and cause irreparable damage to your pool liner. Furthermore, always utilize quality pool ladders that offer additional safety and security for your pool environment.