Wonder & Wickedness Review


Wonder & Wickedness brings the Vancian spell system back into play by dressing it with elegant trappings sure to please even jaded fantasy game enthusiasts. Additionally, this system features modular simple rules for the specialization of magic spells and counterspells. To learn more, check out gamemagiz com

To start the game, each player needs their villain board, mover, villain deck, fate deck, and cauldron of power tokens. On their turn, they move their villain to one of the realm board locations and perform actions there.


Wickedness offers players an effective solution to this difficulty – it has no GM format, allowing players to fill in the story themselves rather than being fed something off by an artificial narrative. Various tools are at their disposal, including a character advancement tarot deck, stress point spending system, and scene creation methods that push the plotline forward. Essentially, this storytelling game works best when played by those who enjoy crafting their narrative rather than reacting to something externally driven, as an RPG might do.

The game features an excellent unleveled spell system that would fit well with many roleplaying games. It provides magic-users an efficient means of gathering spells through hunting or buying spells from vendors; though not entirely replacing traditional leveled fantasy spell systems, it adds a sense of mystery and danger that many vanilla fantasy games lack due to overcomplicated mechanics.

Wonder & Wickedness contains many magical items of interest. Most fall into the sort of strange, whimsical, yet situationally functional category used by Brendan in his Pahvelorn campaign; nevertheless, they are well-designed and create a sense of wonder that fits well into world history and game ethos.

Tarot decks provide another intriguing tool to enhance the plot, providing an exciting way to determine conflicts within it and triggering various consequences ranging from kingdom downfalls to tragic ends for one of the witches – creating tension and pitting the overworld against the underworld in direct opposition – something many modern games lack.

While there may be room for improvement in this game design, it remains an engaging option for anyone interested in no GM games or old-school roleplaying. It has a pleasing aesthetic with unique visuals and gameplay experiences and offers enough content for extended sessions if they so choose.

No Dice

Wickedness is unusual for three players using one tarot deck without dice. Players form a coven between three mystical archetypes – Pure Heart, Volatile Wild Spirit, and Uptight Old Soul – and must balance their worlds of magic and mystery and everyday realities such as poverty and violence. To do this, players must navigate an interpretation guide’s challenges while falling prey to archetype-specific follies as they struggle to keep both worlds together.

Wickedness is an engaging storytelling game with three settings and rich story elements, inviting players to use tarot cards as weapons against any obstacles. They should use all resources available creatively to overcome challenging barriers.

Character creation involves using a tarot deck to assign players their role within a coven before selecting their monster type – for instance, a brute may possess superior scanning and finesse abilities, while Wild Spirits have supernatural charm to convince others into believing falsehoods. Such powers help witches combat fellow monsters, charm humans into believing lies, or engage in conflicts among themselves – among many other challenges faced throughout the play.

This game is stunningly designed and makes an ideal experience for those who appreciate tarot-based roleplaying. With three engaging settings to explore and shared narration techniques that add immense value, along with some innovative mechanics that make learning and mastering easier, The Sleepaway from Possum Creek Games can be found as both a PDF or softcover bundle priced at $20, also check out their other notable titles such as Wanderhome, Dungeon/Venture or Wanderhome/Dungeon Venture!

Three Settings

Wickedness is a storytelling game that offers players three distinct settings to explore in multiple iterations of play, providing unique takes and plot hooks on every attempt at playing it. These settings include an expansive solar punk society at odds with lunar underworld forces, a medieval fantasy kingdom, and a sleepy world on the verge of disaster – something no other storytelling game offers players!

Wickedness provides players with plenty of creative inspiration when writing their own stories. It features three different takes on the witch coven theme, offering characters and settings tailored to individual player tastes – making it easy for anyone to find an atmosphere they enjoy playing within this framework.

Players start the game in “Truths,” creating their witches, allies, and setting. After this step is complete, players face various challenges, as described by the games’ interpretation guide, that can significantly impact their covent.

Troubles” is where the coven will experience its most significant threat to its equilibrium between both realms. To solve it successfully, they must decide how far they’re willing to go in resolving it; their decision can profoundly affect both solidarity and overall morale within the coven.

In the third act, Trials, the tension between the overworld and underworld escalates dramatically, impacting not only relationships but allies as well as the future of their world itself how thandsponds will significantly impact its relationships, the stability of partners, and earth itself.

The Wickness Game is an engaging store ry examining the resilience and power of queer community bonds. Players must think creatively while working together to overcome challenging barriers while considering themes like sacrifice, love, and community. You can purchase either as a PDF from Possum Creek Games for $20 or a softcover bundle for $30 – making this must-have item essential for fans of storytelling games and witchy themes!

Shared Narration

Wickedness is a tabletop RPG about queer community’s resilience and strength, featuring three players with no dice and no GM required – no dice nor GM needed! Players form covens consisting of the Pure Heart, Wild Spirit, or Old Soul archetypes to balance magic with reality while maintaining balance within both realms of mystery despite ignorance, poverty, or violence in daily life.

Tarot cards provide many plot elements and conflicts for players to exploit, yet there remains plenty of creative work for them to do as storytellers. This creates challenges and opportunities when engaging in storytelling games, thus requiring teams to enjoy reacting to pre-written storylines while adding their ideas.

Players establish characters, allies, and settings in the “Truths” phase before moving on to “Troubles,” where coven members must work together to overcome challenges they must collectively overcome. Players must decide how far they are willing to go to solve these challenges – success always has a price, whether that means magical resources depletion, relationships between allies being compromised, or their sanctuary at stake.

Possum Creek Games offers the game in two versions of play – pdf for $20 or softcover bundle for $30 – including a rules book, tarot deck, coven mate sheets, and stretch goal contributor sheet sets as alternate sheet sets. In our interview, read more of Jay Dragon’s work while watching a play video featuring celebrity GM Brennan Lee Mulligan alongside their own Jeeyon Shim.

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